Gambling Addiction Statistics around the World

Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction

World’s gambling industry is worth billions of dollars and one of the most thriving parts of the overall entertainment expenditure. A few decades ago the gambling industry was simple and composed of casinos and sports bookies. However the current scenario is entirely different. The gambling industry is much more complex with variety of operators and stakeholders involved. A major shift in the general viewpoint towards gambling was brought about by the advent of online gambling sector. Out of the total world population around 1.6 billion people (as of 2011) gamble every year. Around 4% to 6% of these men and women fall into the shackles of compulsive gambling and other gambling related addictions. The coming of the concept of online gambling has only aggravated this problem further by facilitating the availability of the places to bet.

Changes made by the arrival of online gambling

Online casinos and sports betting websites open the gambling doors far and wide. The reach of the internet connected various players from different continents thus blurring the country specific barriers imposed on this recreational activity. The ease of availability also created certain societal problems like gambling addiction. In fact statistics show that around 500,000 teenagers in the US are addicted to gambling. Even cases of compulsive gambling are also on the rise. 24/7 access to casino games and sportsbooks via gambling websites is the major cause of spikes in these statistics. Another pressing issue worldwide is the use of online gambling for purposes of money laundering and funding organized crime syndicates. The boundary less nature of these websites makes them difficult to be tracked hence making them prime suspects in dubious transactions.

Statistics related to compulsive gambling

Compulsive gambling or pathological gambling is a condition where the player could just not stop placing bets despite the fact that he or she is in huge debts and on the verge of self-destruction. The latest reports indicate that around 2 million male and female adults suffer from this condition. Earlier psychologists used to believe that men are more prone to gambling addiction as compared to women. However recent studies have shown that this margin is swiftly closing as more and more women are being sucked into the habits of pathological gambling.

Though men and women of all strata of society are equally becoming gambling addicts yet there are certain behavioral differences in the nature of their betting. Studies support the fact that men are more prone to getting addicted to poker or blackjack. This is because men generally prefer games involving skills and precision. Women on the other hand gamble in order to cure their loneliness or emotional turmoil. Hence they tend to choose games that depend totally on luck or chance and require no skills at all for example slot machines or lottery.

Compulsive gamblers regardless of their gender are prone to suicidal tendencies. In fact studies in US have shown that around 48% of pathological gamblers think about committing suicide whereas around 10% of them take an attempt. The more complex structure of the gambling industry has made the society vulnerable to gambling addictions thus creating more challenges for the authorities working towards the welfare of the state.

Sports Betting – A Fad Or Healthy?

Sports Betting

Sports Betting

Betting is generally seen as a taboo act in Asian countries overlooking all aspects of a betting into the horizons of sports. I will surely not talk here about the fact it’s good or bad – rather I will try and highlight the importance of betting that can essentially change the rule of the game altogether by way of giving it an acknowledgment across the world. Let’s resort to discussions step by step.

What is betting in sports and how can betting be good for sports?

Betting in simpler terms is associated with the theory of probability in statistics that is essentially meant for forecasting about the possible outcome – be it with regard to nature, an incident or sports and such calculations alias speculations are guided by basic principles supported by the facts and figures. Wild guessing can’t however be termed as a byproduct of probability which is rather haphazard and irrational.

In sports betting has a role to play that involves a good number of people around the world into the proposition of losing or gaining money by predicting outcome of the sports on the go or about to begin. There are different schools of thoughts who argue for and against the betting and to your surprise you will discover that despite of some stringent actions and penalties in place worldwide betting still goes on for sure. Nobody so far has been 100% successful in curbing the betting.

After all it is one sort of gambling wherein one can have immense of opportunities with regard to windfall gains alongside losses. In Asian countries like India and Pakistan betting in sports is prohibited by law; but it is found to be quite rampant under cover. The latest example of betting under cover is that of the involvement of the son-in-law of BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) president.

There has been many an occasion wherein the menace couldn’t be controlled; therefore it was legalized and the menace gradually fell under control. Even though you can never rule out the possibilities of misuse of the provisions of law still you can’t help but to fall in line so much so that the general rule of majority must be granted can at best be achieved.

Take the instance of prostitution which is presumed as one of the world’s oldest profession cum menace that serves a purpose too for the well being of our society as a whole. Initially people in general were skeptical about legalization of prostitution; but doing so across the world barring a few Muslim countries have necessarily achieved some good into it by way of saving the society from the extremes of exploitation.

Similarly legalizing betting the respective governments can earn handsome money towards tax on kickbacks; more likely to come across the traces of black money that generally runs the wheels for this trade alongside creating some degree of employment as well. This in other words can save the sport as a whole by way of restricting access to the players on either side as there would remain no legal binding as to what might constitute unethical or illegal act while players can be offered incentives for performing at their best.

Mobile Gambling Trends and Statistics

Mobile Gambling

Mobile Gambling

The advent of online gambling has revolutionized the way people place their bets all over the world. Once the gambling trend has shifted from physical casinos to online casinos, mobile gambling is the likely next evolutionary step. Today maximum gambling population has access to a smartphone or a tablet and hence present as a huge potential market for mobile gambling apps. Both iOS and Android have identified this growing trend and hence their app markets are flooded with mobile gambling apps. Whereas on one hand the easy availability of online gambling has led to rising concerns among authorities regarding gambling addictions, the mobile market on the other hand presents with huge profit and growth potential.

According to a report by Juniper research on Mobile gambling, major online gambling companies like Paddy Power, Ladbrokes and William Hill are all indicating a steady 40% of their customers as using their mobile applications to place bets. As a result the total amount of bets placed through mobile devices has become 20%.  These increasing trends promise greater opportunities and profits for the mobile gambling developers and providers alike. The mobile gambling providers are also thinking on the lines of using this newly growing trend as a medium to acquire more customers. The Juniper research studies also indicated that the wagers placed through mobile gambling apps may increase to about 40% of total betting placed in the year 2015.

The research statistics paint a hopeful picture for the online casinos and gambling industry with respect to mobile gambling. Studies indicate that the amount of bets placed on online casinos and sportsbook through mobile devices are to amount to $100 billion by the year 2017 and the industry profit will stand somewhere around $45 billion. This statistics alone is inspiring more and more mobile app developers to concentrate on mobile gambling apps.

The concept of online gambling through mobile is gaining popularity for some time now. The major indicator of this trend is the exponential rate at which these mobile gambling apps are being downloaded each day. The usage of mobile gambling has increased to around 300% between the years 2010 to 2011 itself.  The popularity of mobile medium for online gambling could also be attributed to the fact that latest innovations in smartphone devices as well as internet supporting infrastructure have made it extremely easy and convenient to place wagers anywhere anytime. Also the increasing availability of handhelds provides easy access to online casinos and sportsbooks thus overall fueling the whole industry.

Some specific examples of the developing trend in mobile gambling could be the 2012 interim reports of Paddy Power which is a UK based sportsbook. The report showed 5 – 20% increase in the player turnover through mobile casino medium. Incidentally in Australia Paddy Power saw a 123% increase in the wagers placed through mobile devices. Similar trends are being reported by major players in the mobile and online gambling industry.

Overall mobile gambling is the next big change that is already set in motion in the online gambling industry. All the major online gambling operators have already started recognizing this fact and evolving themselves accordingly.

Poker Face: Myth or Reality

Poker Face

Poker Face

What is poker face?

A Poker face is a term given to the facial expressions of a person that reflects no emotion from that person as if his brain is not processing anything at that moment. It happens when a person does not feel any type of feeling such as remorse, fear, love, nervousness, anxiety and etc. It could also be forced upon a person by self as is done in the game of poker in order to prevent one’s opponents from reading your emotions and thus your cards in poker.

Can it be done for real?

Poker face is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes years of practice to successfully deceive people using a blank expression. It is like a person is in comma with eyes opened and normal bodily movements but is unable to think or react to any external stimuli. No stimulus can make that person react in a way for others to read an emotional flow from that person’s reactions.

Does it help in poker?

Imagine a player who gets the highest ranked combination of cards and is sure to win the hand after all others have done their part of the betting. But he is unable to hide his joy and anxiety of holding the winning hand and lets his opponents read his emotions like a book. Here, all his opponents will fold without betting and the player makes the bare minimum where he could have outclassed his opponents by a lot.

The lesson here is to try to remain as calm as possible and imagine wearing a mask with constant expressions. Whatever emotion you feel, feel it behind that mask and let your opponents see only the mask. Poker face has been practiced by many great poker players for generations now and has helped them in professional tournaments when they are up against the world’s best.

Game of cards such as poker can get a little verbal when the money involved is a lot. Players usually use words to invoke their opponents and force them to take a decision in haste. Maintaining a poker face not only keeps you calm, but also troubles the constantly bullying opponents when their strategy of sledging fails and they end up making hasty moves.

Why is it hard to make a poker face?

If we ask someone not to think about bluffing in poker, what will he think about? He will definitely think about bluffing in poker. And so when one thinks about bluffing in a game of cards while wearing a poker face, one will try even harder to hide one’s emotion of nervousness while bluffing making it even more difficult to continue wearing the same expression.

Poker face can be used not only in a game of card, but also whenever the purpose is to propose a neutral response from the user. It might be extremely difficult to sport, but it is an art which once learned could help you control your emotions in certain circumstances.

What are Binary Options?

Binary Options

Binary Options

Binary options are one of the simplest forms of trading products and are related to the finance and investment terms. A binary option is where the trader wagers a fixed amount of money on the occurrence of a particular condition. It is an all or nothing deal where the occurrence of the event either pays you the fixed amount or nothing at all. Sometimes this kind of trading is also compared with gambling. Those who opt to trade in binary options know that the only thing that really matters in order to gain something out of this is predicting in the right direction.

Binary options are also known as digital options in foreign exchange market. They are also sometimes called fixed return options because of their all or nothing nature. Binaries are quickly gaining popularity among investors mainly due to its simplified nature as well as ability to generate high payoffs in relatively small time. It is all about making a speculation on the rise or fall in the rate of an asset sans any other factors. Some of these assets are commodities, Indices, stock, foreign exchange and currencies etc.

Are binary options a form of gambling?

One of the most common controversy surrounding binary options is whether it is ultimately a form of gambling or not. The answer to this question depends on the amount of money at stake. The logic behind this is that if one places huge amounts of all or nothing bets on financial assets the outcome of which is purely chance or luck of the bettor, then binary options become equivalent to a gambling bet. Moreover these options could be highly addictive for market junkies and sooner than later you will find yourself placing many bets in the market each day.

Forbes magazine compares it with online poker and suggests the readers to steer clear of these trading devices. Many online websites offer an opportunity to make easy money through buying these options on various financial assets. Although they advertise it to be an investment opportunity yet ultimately deep down binary options is just another form of gambling. These websites’ underlying agenda is to mainly attract online poker players. Binary options involve placing a bet on the price movement of whatever options are publicly traded. Each website offering an investment opportunity in binary options provides their own range of financial assets.

Risks involved in binary options

Since now we have established that binary options are more or less a form of gambling, it becomes important to understand the risks as well. Apart from being quite addictive, binary options are also pure luck or chance. This is mainly because correctly predicting the stocks or currencies every time is simply not possible. The websites which provide investment opportunities in binary options are notoriously unregulated hence extremely risky.

In order to gain a substantial amount of money from binary options you need to place multiple bets and on an average win 54.5% of the time in order to recover the cost of your investment. The concept is simply not feasible as predicting with such uncanny accuracy is next to impossible.

Ultimately binary options are more or less a form of gambling and should be taken into consideration accordingly.

Gambling in the Movies

Gambling Movies

Gambling Movies

Gambling has been a recurring theme in the movies since a very long time. The fascination of filmmakers with the subject of gambling and its addiction has led to the genesis of some of the most remarkable gambling movies of all times. Apart from gambling as the core subject of movies, casinos and related themes have also been used in the stories of these movies. The depth to which the filmmaker wants to explore the topic of gambling in his movie varies from story to story.

Some most remarkable gambling movies of all times


Rounders is one of the most well-known poker themed movies of all times. It was released in 1998. The protagonist in the movie played by Matt Damon is a poker player who pays his tuition fees at a law school by playing the game. The story revolves around the protagonist and his best friend going from city to city in order to win a certain amount of money by playing poker in order to pay off a huge debt. The huge success of this movie among poker lovers as well as the general non-gambling public makes it one of the most remarkable gambling movies of all times. The film also had a huge impact on the poker culture of those times.

The Gambler

This 1974 released film revolves around the story of a pathological gambler. This movie has been the topic for many psychological discussions related to the psyche of pathological gamblers. The protagonist of the movie has a certain masochistic side to his personality and effectively exhibits it when he gambles on his life. The movie correctly portrays the pathological gambler’s desire to take risks with the money as well as life. There are also traces of antisocial personality disorder in the nature of the protagonist.

California Split

California split was released in 1974 and is based on the friendship fostered between two individuals due to their common love for gambling. Both these men are problem gamblers and are portrayed quite well by the artistes hence making this movie worth mentioning in the category of gambling based movies. This classic movie covers various different gambling styles like blackjack, roulette, craps, poker etc.

Owning Mahowny

This storyline in this particular movie deals with the murkier side of the problem of gambling addiction. It is based on a true life story about a Canadian bank executive who managed to pull off one of the greatest frauds. Since it is based on a real life story, hence it may not seem as entertaining as other gambling movies. However those who are interested in having a peek at the dark side of gambling addiction may consider watching.

Some other popular gambling based movies worth mentioning are Ocean’s 11, Vegas Vacation, Hard Eight, House of games, Casino etc. Gambling is a huge part of the popular culture. The addiction to the game and psyche of the gamblers make it an interesting topic for a movie. A good gambling related movie is also accepted and widely watched by the population thus keeping the filmmakers motivated towards the subject.

Golf Sports Betting Guide

Golf Sports Betting

Golf Sports Betting

Betting on golf is one of the popular activities in the sports betting circuits. The invention of the game of Golf in Scotland was shortly followed by betting being made on the players and the put. Golfing has since become a rampant activity of the elite around the world. This has led to increase in the golf sports betting activities as well. Unlike other sports such as football or boxing, golf is a fairly simple game to bet on. Also there is a lot of money to be made if you opt for golf sports betting.

Reasons behind opting for golf sports betting

Apart from the huge amount of money involved in this sport, golf is also beneficial to bet on because it helps the odds in favor of the better. The sheer number of players gives the bettors lots of opportunities to win money. This makes golf stand apart from many other betting sports. The huge number of players also tilts the odds of winning in favor of the better. The history of sports betting in golf showcases instances of players with minimal chances of winning have gone on to win the whole tournament therefore causing huge profits to the few who bet on them. However this is not a generalized phenomenon and is more of isolated incidents.

Types of wagers in golf sports betting

Golf wagers are relatively easier to understand and place. One of the most significant features of golf sports betting is lack of a spread system. Golf betting could be done on a single player or two players pitted against each other. The better could bet on a player winning the whole tournament. Since the odds of this are low therefore the winning amount is extremely high in such kind of wagers.

Another kind of wager is when two players are paired head to head against each other in matchup propositions. The sports book then sets the betting line. If the player chosen by the gambler wins then he gets the profit. Another form of golf sports betting is placing a field bet. This bet is theoretically the opposite of the wager placed on a single player winning across tournament.

If a better places a field bet, he is placing his wager on a player who is not likely to win the tournament. This option is considered extremely risky and hence is not very popular with the sports bettors because the factors that influence the betting patterns will be in play hindering the golfer’s chances of victory.

Factors to keep in mind in order to gain success at golf sports betting

While placing golfing bets always be mindful of the fact that the form of the player matters a lot. Betting blindly is stupid and hence be avoided at all costs. Some important statistics to study before betting are the consistency of the player, his form etc. all of which could be accessed in a form book. Apart from this a bettor should also consider the performance of the player within a timeframe in order to better assess his chances of winning.

Golf sports betting is a lot of fun and easy to understand. It also gives opportunity to win huge amount of money provided you place well analyzed and wise bets and win.

Online Gambling Legality around the World

Gambling Legality

Gambling Legality

Online gambling and casinos are the latest rage among the gamblers as well as laymen, however the legal status of these online gambling websites varies from country to country. Whereas some countries adopt a strict approach declaring online gambling outright illegal, some countries go for legal but state-controlled approach and yet some countries opt for legal as well as open to foreign operators approach. Online gambling is notoriously famous for its friendly structure for money launderers who fuel organized criminal activities. It is also well-known for its risks for society by fueling increased amount of gambling addictions. According to US statistics, online gambling is hugely responsible for manifestation of gambling addictions in teenagers belonging to the age group of 12-17. Therefore each country has their individual take on the legitimacy of online gambling. Online gambling legality around the world with respect to some major countries is discussed further in this article.

The United States of America

Online gambling in the US is selectively legal which means that online gambling is legal in selected states like Nevada and Delaware whereas illegal elsewhere. Also there is a lack of any law saying that a citizen of US could not place a bet online. However taking the bet online and banking transactions for online gambling is specifically against the law and any institution involved in such activities will have to face any legal ramifications.

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda has been giving licenses to online casinos since 1994. Online gambling is perfectly legal in this state and any online casino can acquire a license by paying approximately $74,000. Also since Antiguan companies are in the “white list” of the UK therefore the online casinos operating from here could legally advertise here and could be traded on London stock exchange.


The online gambling regulations in Australia are specifically targeted towards the operators. The country has a legal and open to foreign operators approach towards online gambling. The Interactive Gambling Act 2001 specifies that any online casino operator is prohibited from providing gambling services to a citizen physically present in the country. However Australians outside the country could place bets online. Moreover sports betting is also legal in the country with certain sportsbook licensed by the state itself.


Any kind of online gambling activity or telephonic gambling is declared strictly illegal in Russia.


The French government allows online gambling websites to operate provided they follow strict regulations and pay regular taxes to the state.

United Kingdom

Any online gambling operator could set up and operate in the United Kingdom provided they have obtained a license from the Gaming Commission which regulates all the gambling activities in the country. The Gambling act 2005 brought a revolutionary change in the gambling related policies and laws in the country by making it up to date with the changing times and tastes. Apart from these specific countries, online gambling in most of the Asian countries is illegal. Since gambling is a prohibited act under Islamic law therefore many Islamic countries also ban the activity.